Everything you didn’t want to know about me…


Hi my name is Andrea Chalifour. I am a student in EC & I 831 at the University of Regina.

I am currently off on maternity leave with my seven week old son and also have two other children (4 & 7).

When I am not on leave, I work as a Learning Resource Teacher in both French immersion and English at École Connaught Community School in Regina, SK, Canada. I have taught for sixteen years in Edmonton, Gravelbourg, England, Regina, Moose Jaw and Winnipeg. I did my internship in Prince Albert. My degree was in secondary from the Bac program with a major in French and a minor in math. However, previous to my current job I had taught everything from science to math to French to core French to grade 5.

I have my certificate in inclusive education from the University of Regina (2015) and my Master’s in Education (counselling, 2009) from Collège Universitaire Saint Boniface/ University of Manitoba. This class will be 4/5 in the fast track route between Master’s and Ph.D.

What I have learned in sixteen years of teaching is that I really value environments where there is a strong team and camaraderie between staff members. I always like my students but it makes it so much easier when the staff works together.

In terms of my experience with educational technology, I am in charge of ordering assistive technology for my students so I try to learn how to use it to teach them, but I am certainly not an expert and often need to ask for help. I do get frustrated when teachers don’t use it as often as they should because for many of my students the way they read is to have it read out loud since they may have learning disabilities that prevent them from recognizing words in print.

As you can see from reading my practice blog before this one, I didn’t even know how to embed a website or add a photo to this site before our class the other night.

This is where my seven week old and I hung out during class on Tuesday. The campus is much more posh now than it was when I started 21 years ago!

science hallway u of r


My personal interests outside of taking university classes and going to my kids’ activities include the outdoors, reading and photography.




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