Babies and technological glitches…


So my project for EC & I 831 was inspired by my previous involvement in Roots of Empathy. When my daughter was a baby I took her to a  school in my neighbourhood in Winnipeg for monthly visits and the students learned about her and watched her grow.

With Roots of Empathy, there were specific activities that the class did every month and then they threw a big party for my daughter at the end. The babies had to be born in the summer months for it to work. Here is a photo of my daughter’s birthday party at the end of the school year:

Anaya roots

My project for this class is not exactly the same as what I had done previously, but it certainly did give me in the inspiration. I am going to take my seven week old into the grade 2/3 French Immersion classroom at my school. I would like to have the students work on vocabulary by learning words related to the baby in French, working on math by tracking his weight and developing kindness by seeing how much care it takes to attend to a baby.

So our first visit to the grade 2/3 class was yesterday afternoon:

france project 1

Above is a photo of the classroom teacher Mme. Bedard.

And a photo of me:

Rhys project 1


And then there was a glitch…

I must admit that the first visit didn’t go exactly as planned…

First of all, it was the last hour on Friday. And the students were very into the baby (which is a good thing!) However, I had envisioned projecting an app from the iPad to the Smart Board and having the students interact on the big screen. It didn’t work. I wasn’t aware that you had to actually work off of the iPad. The connection or internet was also very slow and it stopped projecting my images unless plugging the dongle in and out. Oh, and the baby was in charge and needed to eat so I left the room for a few minutes to feed him.

I am hoping that it goes more smoothly next time! I definitely learned a lot 🙂


3 thoughts on “Babies and technological glitches…

  1. I think the students will really benefit from seeing the child grow and learning how much love and work a baby is. I like how it will be the students job to track the weight. Have you thought about asking students to come up with ways to take care or a baby? What to feed them? How do you change a diaper? etc.


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