A 180 degree turn


So I am suddenly doing a new project because I did not think about needing ethics approval or approval in general on the last one…I will blame it on my extremely sleep deprived brain from having a newborn baby. So no more baby project.

I was waffling between two things that I had started learning years ago, but never finished when life and kids etc. happened. The two things were learning Spanish and learning photography. I had taken several Spanish classes- maybe about 3 or 4, but realized that I was not fluent when I travelled to Mexico a few years ago and could not have a conversation.

The second thing that I have always wanted to learn more about is photography. Years ago I actually won a camera from a photo that I submitted to L’Eau Vive. It was the era of film still.  In fact, though I have a paper copy of the photo somewhere in a box packed away, I can’t even find a digital copy of my winning photo! It was of a canoe in Prince Albert National Park when I was about to go on a canoe trip. I also took a film photography class in 2002 and developed film as a chemistry project in grade 11.

In the end photography won because it something I just never get to and always want to. However, I have been taking all of my photos off of my iPhone lately since all of the point and shoot cameras that I have bought seem to either stop working or something goes wrong with charging/ battery etc. My desire to learn for this project would really be to learn how to use a DSLR. I actually find that the camera on my iPhone 6 is relatively good and I have a few apps. that can edit, but the fact that it is not true to colour when I try to take pictures of the Saskatchewan sky drives me crazy. I also hate it when my pictures are grainy or unclear.

I am about three or four weeks behind on this project. So today I had a really busy day and I have :

1. Gone to Don’s photo and looked at DSLR cameras

2. Realized I could not afford a new one

3. Looked at ads on used Regina

4. Found and bought one on line

5. Picked up and paid for the camera

6. Played around with the camera

I ended up buying a Canon Rebel XS. I went with that camera because the SLR I won 15 or so years ago was also a Canon Rebel. I felt like I should get going on the actual learning how to use the camera so I bought one without doing as much research as I would have liked so hopefully I bought a good camera for a beginner. I spent $400 which was a big purchase for me since I have less than $200 in the bank and need to pay bills and feed my family of 5. I looked up the same camera on Amazon to see how much it would be and feel better knowing that I was in the right range here. Learning Spanish would have been cheaper, but I would not have been so passionate. Plus I keep putting off buying a DSLR because I think they are too expensive, but have gone through 4 or 5 point and shoot cameras lately which adds up to more.

Here are some pictures of my new toy:

This camera only came with one lens, but if I ever get really good I can buy another one.

There was no manual so I will definitely have to teach myself by going on line.

Goals for the project:

1. To be able to take picture of the sunrise or sunset with true colours

2. To be able to take a good close up shot

3. To be able to take a good action shot

4. To be able to take a good landscape shot

5. To understand and be able to use (& explain) all of the functions on the dials of the camera

The word good is subjective so to define what it means:

-clear and in focus

– true colours

– not grainy

Here are some of the photos that I have taken recently:

Considering they are all just off my iPhone, I think they are fairly good shots.
My goals for this week will be to figure out what all the symbols and functions on the dial and camera do.

camera buttons camera dial camera lens

I also took a few pictures without knowing what I was doing really. (and apparently can’t find some because they aren’t on the memory card!) Here is one of the tree outside my living room window today. I have lots of room for improvement! Clearly another goal will be to make sure that they actually stay on the memory card…

canon rebel first day 002

I am uber excited about this project, way more excited than I ever was about my baby project and cannot wait to keep going!

I look forward to your comments.


6 thoughts on “A 180 degree turn

  1. ashleypmurray

    We splurged on a DSLR after our first was born 2 years ago. We LOVE it! We still take pictures with our iPhones on a daily basis but we bring out the big camera for special events that we want to capture like vacations and birthdays. I took a class one evening at Don’s Photo’s and it gave me enough knowledge to be able to take some decent pictures. If you find that you want a space to practice your skills and capture some great photos of your kids at the end of the project check out Usnap studios here in Regina. They have a website and Facebook page. You rent the studio space, they have all the props and backdrops, you bring the camera and shoot as many pictures as you can/like during your time. It’s not all that expensive either ($50/half hour). Looking forward to seeing some of your shots.

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  2. Can’t wait to see your photos by the end of the project. Natural light photos are my favourite. Loving that you got one online instead of paying full price. You will definitely have to use your online skills to find all the instructions since it came with no manual. 😐 You go girl!


  3. Looking forward to following along with your learning. I am finding there is tons of information for learning about photography. I just set myself up with Flickr to store my photos, if you’re looking for a place to keep them all and not take up space on your phone/computer.


    • You are doing photography too right? I have had a Flickr account for years, but I am not seeing the option for 1TB of storage that Alec was talking about. Maybe I already have that much, but it seemed to be less…


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