I definitely can’t “Snapchat Like a Teen”


I am frequently in trouble from my husband and sister for being on my phone constantly. I guess it’s a way for me to feel connected to the world. Thankfully, our professor Alec Couros posted an article on Twitter yesterday that made me feel better about my addiction to my phone: The Disconnectionists. Most of my friends and family live in other cities so I post a lot to Facebook and keep connected that way. I have recently been on Twitter much more due to my EC & I 831 class and I’m finding it finding it interesting professionally. There are many  interesting articles. In the past I used Twitter mostly at all the EDcamps that I attended.

After reading the article: “My Little Sister Taught Me How To “Snapchat Like the Teens,” by Ben Rosen I downloaded Snapchat. I notice a lot of my friends already had Snapchat especially if they were parents to preteen or teenage children. I still don’t really understand the allure. I can definitely say that I do not know how to Snapchat like a teen. In fact, it took me awhile to figure out how to get rid of this notification on my phone:


I did finally figure it out though. I sent a couple of snaps to my friends, but most have not even opened it or responded. I still have a lot to learn, I don’t even know how to sketch over the pictures 🙂 My colleague who is much younger than me did send me a story so I did see that.

It occurred to me to Google about Snapchat tutorials and this was the first one I came up with:


I did find this interesting video though:

I imagine that I would be the friend with the baby who Snapchats and sends nothing but baby pics! (yep, so far this is actually the case….)


A lot has changed since I taught high school five years ago. At the time we had a NO CELL PHONES rule. And by no cell phones, the school meant no cell phones in class, no cell phones in the hallway at breaks, no cell phones at lunch. Cell phones were supposed to remain in students’ lockers.  I remember it being a battle every single time I was on lunch duty because everybody had their cell phones out and I was one teacher against 1800 students. It seems like a battle that was never going to be won. In fact, if I had to make a personal phone call I would close the door of my classroom and hide in the corner so that the students would not see me. Other teachers blatantly broke the rule and would text and be on their phones in class, but would not let the students do the same thing.

Social media certainly has changed the way that I communicate and interact with my friends. Some of my Facebook friends are from high school and I was not in close contact with them anymore however when I moved back to Regina I was able to reconnect. I was very glad to have kept the connection open. I also have some former students on Facebook now that they’re adults and I find it very interesting to follow their journeys and their travels and their successes. It does, however, make me feel old to watch them get married and have children.

It really is amazing how much has changed not only at the high school and elementary level in just over 5 years, but also at the University level. I finished my Master’s degree in 2009 and the only on-line courses that I took were delivered by e-mail. There were no interactions with the other students, it was just communication between the professor and me for the most part.Usually my online classes were just used to fulfill graduation requirements for classes that had not been offered in awhile.

I finished the requirements for my inclusive education certificate last year. I had started it thirteen years ago. When I started back at the University of Regina, suddenly all of my classes had a URCourses component even if they were face to face. I really enjoyed being able to see who was in my class even before arriving and also being able to see notes, assignments, send e-mail and chat. All of this was totally new to me even though it had not been that many years since I had finished my M.Ed. in Manitoba.

It will be fascinating to see how fast and how far education changes in the next five years.


One thought on “I definitely can’t “Snapchat Like a Teen”

  1. i love the snapchat vido of a the cat person. I have a friend that actually snapchats like that with her dog. As for education and progessing so quickly I cannot agree more. It almost scares me when I think about what education could look like in 10 years. I have only taught for 3 years and already so much has changed. I feel like adaptability will need to be a huge skill for teachers and students in the future.

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