ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed


ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed

I have been going in so many directions with my photography learning project that it is actually hard to slow down and write a blog about it! I have found many resources online.

My classmate Lori Duke responded to my blog post and recommended an app called CameraSim for $1.99. I downloaded the app which lets you practice taking pictures with your DSLR. This is what the app. looks like:

IMG_4877 (2)

The app gives you a moving photo and you have to change the settings to snap the picture.

When I found the Camera Sim app I also came stumbling across an app from Canon, the make of my camera, called Master Your Canon D-SLR. I have been looking for a similar video series online and couldn’t find it so I was very happy to find the app. It is broken down into 40 mini lessons about using your Canon camera. All of the lessons are between one and three minutes which is perfect for me. I paid $13.99 for the app. and it was well worth it.

canon2 canon1


In addition to watching the videos and experimenting with the apps, I have been practicing with my camera. I decided to take pictures of a car I made out of my son’s Laserpegs since they light up and flash. I was quite proud of myself for building the car since it’s not easy! Here is a Hyperlapse video of me experimenting with ISO:

(Sorry, the videos are quite fast, it was my first time using the Hyperlapse app.)

Here are the pictures:

ISO 100

memory card class 152

ISO 200

memory card class 153 - Copy

ISO 400

memory card class 154 - Copy

ISO 800

memory card class 155 - Copy

ISO 1600

memory card class 156

Here is a video of me experimenting with aperture (AV):

What I have learned is that the aperture is how much the lens opens so it controls how much light comes into the camera. The smaller the number, the more light actually comes in.

Here are some of the pictures:


memory card class 158


memory card class 159

F 5.6

memory card class 160

F 6.3

memory card class 161

F 8.0

memory card class 163

F 9.0

memory card class 164

F 10

memory card class 165


Here is a video of me experimenting with shutter speed (TV):

memory card class 174


memory card class 175


memory card class 177


memory card class 178

I actually ran out of room on my memory card and the baby started crying so I did not finish the shutter speed video. However, my camera goes all the way up to 1/4000. I have learned the hard way that shutter speed is what I should be adjusting when I am trying to take pictures of moving objects.


I have been making a tonne of mistakes, however that is the way that you learn.

This was me attempting to take a picture of the gorgeous moon the other night:

sunrise feb 25 009 sunrise feb 25 008 sunrise feb 25 006 - Copy

I tried to take pictures of my children at gymnastics and made the mistake of adjusting the aperture instead of the shutter speed:

memory card class 045

Here are some shots that actually turned out and that I am proud of:

sunrise feb 25 033 sunrise feb 25 020 sunrise feb 25 012





3 thoughts on “ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed

  1. Hi, I am an outsider of techniques. Through reading your blog, I realize that taking a good picture is not that easy. I like traveling, it is necessary to take photos for remembering. I will continue to follow your blog to learn more about it. Thank you for sharing.


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