Facebook and my Photography Learning Project


How does Facebook relate to my photography learning project?

Well, it does in a lot of ways.

The first way is that one of the groups that I am a member of, Saskatchewan Scenery, inspires me to admire other photographers’ work. I mostly sit back as an observer, but have uploaded two photos off of my iPhone to the site:

sask scenery kronau sask scenery sunrise

Though I have not officially made a rubric for how I will evaluate my learning in this project, I would be happy if I felt that one of my DSLR pictures was good enough to upload to the Saskatchewan Scenery Facebook group.

Despite having read websites and watched videos on photography, I had quite a few failed shots again this week. I tried to take pictures again at my children’s gymnastics classes. They turned out dark and blurry. I did not want to use the flash because I did not want to flash the athletes as they were practicing (I accidentally did a couple of times before realizing it!) On the plus side, when I took a flash photography class fourteen years ago I remember the instructor telling us that only one shot for every seven would be a good one. I think my ratio is actually better than that with my DSLR already. I do get some completely black shots though.

I posted some of my failures on Facebook for my friends to comment on. Many of them take pictures on the side or are quite proficient with their DSLR’s. I got feedback right away. My friend Carlie lives in England and she posted numerous on-line sites to my feed. I then FaceTimed her and she gave me some pointers and suggestions. It turns out that I was mixing up a couple of the functions of the camera (P and M).

facebook fail statuscarlie facetime

Here is Carlie’s photography Facebook page.

I also posted some of my shots that I thought were good to my Facebook page to see if I get any feedback. I am starting small with my Facebook circle of friends, family, former colleagues and former students (well there are 417 of them so maybe it’s not that small), but I am sure that there are many sites that I could seek out if I need to post my pictures for more feedback.

My friend Carlie who I FaceTimed with sent me lots of links and also suggested a couple of on line photography classes. I am going to check them out. Two on-line class websites that I have now looked into a bit are craftsy and Carlie recommended the Flying Photo School.

One of my close friends  Jen (aka Nabi 21 on flickr)is quite good with her DSLR and takes lots of pictures of my family for me when she is visiting. Here is one of her shots of her dog nephew Theo:


photocredit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/84899019@N00/25510958901/in/dateposted/ (I do have permission to use this photo)

I love how Jen was able to focus on the dog and get such a cute expression on his face. It is not easy to focus on children or pets since they move so much so I will have to learn how to work with my shutter speed. I also love the clarity of this picture.

Another friend Nanc Price is a scientist by day, but takes pictures professionally by night. She works with the Edmonton opera. I am in awe of her talent.  Here is a picture of her and one of her photos:


(photo credit Damien Coroller, photo provided by Nanc)

nanc tea cup

Photocredit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mad_me/23702546130/in/album-72157662322475271/

I love this still by Nanc. I love the focus on the teacup and the blurred background. She tells me that she took this picture at a candlelight event. I do not know how to focus that sharply on an object and blur the background yet so it will be a goal.

And finally here are some of my pictures that I am happy with this week:

4memory card for class 117

4memory card for class 113memory card scenery pics 032 memory card scenery pics 037

I think I am going to write another post with more of my favourite photos, but for now I will sign off! Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any great tips for learning photography on-line!



4 thoughts on “Facebook and my Photography Learning Project

  1. Genna Rodriguez

    Hi Andrea–looks like your project is coming along well! I keep meaning to ask you if you’ve heard of U Snap? It’s a studio in Regina where you get to bring your own camera and take portraits. You own the photos (which saves a ton of money), you just pay a fee to use the studio. I have a friend who does it and it’s awesome. They have a Facebook page.


  2. Look at you go! I don’t even want to imagine how difficult learning photography is. I’m trying to take some more artistic pictures to show my food creations for my nutrition, and then upload them onto Instagram…but I’m grateful for all of their great filters. Are there any MOOC’s that you could take on photography?


    • Yes I just did a search and there are some (MIT was one that was listed, might be a bit above my head!) There are also a tonne of classes and resources on line, it’s just a matter of wading through them to find the good ones!


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