To pay or not to pay? That is the question.


I took some pictures this week, but lots of them failed. And by failed, I mean that they were either completely black or completely white. On the plus side, I can google to find out what went wrong and find sites like 99 Common Photography Problems and How to Solve Them.

However, I decided to venture out and pay for a class. I am sure that I could find all of the same information for free on the Internet, however in last week’s EC & I class, our prof Dr. Alec Couros, mentioned that people are more invested if they pay a little bit.

I ended up paying a bit more than I wanted to for a Craftsy class: Basics of Digital Photography. The reason that I went with a Craftsy class is that I originally saw it on my Facebook feed and one of my friends had liked it and when I looked into their classes I saw that you could start anytime and that you had access to the videos from wherever whenever. I also read the reviews and though they might not be accurate, they seemed to be positive overall. I was a little annoyed because the cost of the class kept changing, I ended up paying $41.20, but I also saw it for $47 or $55 on the mobile app. I have watched the first three lessons so far out of nine.

Screen shot 2016-03-15 at 9.42.10 AM

One thing that I did accomplish this week was sharing my photos. Last week, I said that my goal was to share my photos to the Saskatchewan Scenery Facebook page and I did.

sask scenery dslr


I also shared one of the same pictures to Twitter:
tweet sunrise

Another thing that I realized is that I learn best when I have to teach so here are a couple of short videos on ISO, aperture and shutter speed:

ISO video:


Shutter Speed:

Have a great week!


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