I am a “Slacktivist” and I Didn’t Even Know It!




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I am a “Slacktivist” I  and didn’t even know it!

Yesterday I signed the Project of Heart petition for the RIIS cemetery that was tweeted and shared by the UR STARS Regina student group.  It is a petition asking Mayor Michael Fougere to protect the cemetery at the Regina Indian Industrial School (a residential school.)

A couple days before that I signed a petition from Amnesty International against the murder of Berta Caceres in Honduras, I must admit that I did not know much about this case before I signed the petition.

To be fair though, I do think that in some cases simply signing an online petition can be activism, or at least lend support to those with their feet on the ground. I also am quite shy and not the type of person to attend an actual rally so signing an online petition is more than I would have done in the past.

I found this YouTube video that kind of jives with how I feel:

Until we read the articles this week, I wasn’t really that aware of Meerkat. I had just kind of become aware of Periscope because some of the people that I follow on Twitter use it to live stream what they are doing. I think the first time I was aware of the app. was when I saw Cmdr. Chris Hadfield using it. He was using it to do a live Q and A session and was reaching a very large audience that night. These tools also have the power to live broadcast current events and to the audience that is the World Wide Web.

My slacktivism is starting to become more strong though, I am tweeting more and more about social justice issues. I am finding a lot of articles about reconciliation and Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women #mmiw. My Personal Learning Network seems to include a lot of students who are interested in similar topics to me like HeatherAmySarah and Elizabeth, who were in the Anti-Oppressive Summer Institute last summer with me. One of the required readings this week was on the subject of how we can use livestreaming apps to promote justice. Another one was about how slacktivism is having a positive impact.

I now argue that I may be starting as a mere “slacktivist,” but gradually my slacktivism is turning into activism.

What are your thoughts?