Learning How to Watermark


As I am starting to wrap up my photography project, one thing that I had not done yet was to find a site to add a watermark. I had found a few sites in previous weeks, but they had given me error messages. A few of my classmates including Genna had suggested that I add watermarks to my photos if I was worried about putting my children on my blog.

I also found quite a few apps on my iPhone so downloaded a couple to try. I tried the watermark app as well as the PhotoMarkr app. Here is a site describing those watermarking apps as well as some others.

IMG_5397 IMG_5395

As you can see, I still have to figure out the Watermark app more. The PhotoMarkr was slightly easier to use.

I also figured out that I could add text in my flickr account. You can click to see one of my snowy pictures from last week’s adventure.

I also learned how to watermark for free on-line on the watermark-images.com site :

watermark 2

If I was taking photos professionally I would experiment a lot more with the watermark to make it look better.

Last, but not least here are some (non-watermarked!) photos that I took this week:



I am starting to think about how I want to display my photos for the final couple of weeks of this learning project. I know that there are a million photo album sites that I could probably link to or I could just link to my flickr account or make a gallery here. That is what I am going to focus on along with creativity and composition (i.e. the rule of thirds) now.

Do you think that watermarks take away from the look of great photos?

Update: I just found this video about how to add a watermark in Microsoft Paint: